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resin+ Forum Rules - Please Read Before Signing Up

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resin+ Forum Rules - Please Read Before Signing Up Empty resin+ Forum Rules - Please Read Before Signing Up

Post by fenris on Mon Jan 25, 2010 12:09 am

Listed herein are the forum rules for resin+. These rules are to be adhered to by all members of the forum regardless of rank. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the moderators.

***Please note that a confirmation email is sent after an account is approved by the moderators. Due to various spam filters, the email may be marked as such. I you do not receive an email within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and/or attempt to log in to the site.***

    General Rules
  • 18+ due to content including some that is adult in nature.
  • We reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone.
  • Accounts will be deleted if no login occurs within three months from date of registration.
  • One member per account. Multiple people using one account is against our policy. Membership is free and we expect each person using resin+ to have their own account.
  • No more than one account per person. Members will be contacted if the staff reviews memberships and finds possible duplicates.
  • Members violating any site rules will receive no more than three warnings followed by a temporary ban of up to one month. Any further violations after repeal of the temporary ban will result in a permanent ban.
  • Excessively inappropriate behavior across the forum can and will result in an immediate ban. The moderators reserve the right to determine if it is temporary or permanent.
  • The forum reserves the right to enact a permanent ban for any major rules violation.
  • ALL rules posted to the subforums are considered incorporated herein and are to be followed and not abused.

  • The marketplace is offered as a convenience.
  • Abuse of the marketplace will result in a marketplace ban.
  • Members agree to hold harmless both forum staff and the forum host for any damages incurred. All transactions are between members as private parties. The forum and staff make no warranties on said transactions.

  • Abuse of forum or members or staff is not tolerated. Abuse constitutes written attacks against members/staff in any part of the forum. This includes derogatory remarks regarding sexuality, race, and religion in addition to directed, hateful attacks of any nature.
  • Spam is not tolerated.
  • No trolling or flaming will be tolerated.
  • All story content is copyright its respective owners.

  • Signature size is to be no more than FIVE full lines of text and ONE image. The image is to be no bigger than 800x150 pixels (width x height).
  • Photos of other people's dolls cannot be used without the express permission of the doll's owner.
  • It is strongly encouraged that permission is obtained when using a photo outside of resin+ that you have taken of someone's doll at a meet.
  • All photos content is copyright its respective owners.

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